Our clients are really interested in the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment. This is a chemical free formula that cuts down on drying time and irons out the frizz from hair. At the moment this is particularly popular because the wet and humid weather brings out the worst in frizzy hair.

There is no better recommendation than seeing it being done in-salon. The other day we completed two whole treatments throughout the day and other clients admired the results. I even I wish my hair looked as good as my client’s at that point…. I am usually immune to such musings while at work! My last client of the day wanted to know more about the long hair smoothing treatment I was finishing on another customer as she arrived.  I described the smoothing treatment as “reliable as a Barbour jacket with a smooth and shiny finish”.

The customer who received the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment left the salon feeling excited, looking forward to a smooth, shiny and manageable hair do after a two and a half hour smoothing treatment. And it will last her for three months. For her short brunette bob the price was £125, and she thought this was pretty good.

Sadly, lots of women end up with a frizz panic after using home treatments- not helped by adverts and the marketing of commercial colour products which do nothing to enhance the shine or texture of hair and can actually damage the structure of hair beyond repair.

As a professional, I want to enable women to wear their hair in the most natural looking way. The Keratin Smoothing Treatment enables frizzy hair to stand up to the rain and the humidity, meaning one can wash and blow-dry in half the time it normally takes and be confident that the weather will not make a fuzz-ball of their style.

I hope I have inspired some of you that dread the humid conditions we get down here in Devon to think again. Give us a call to talk about how The Keratin Smoothing Treatment might help you. You won’t look back… other than to keep looking at you fantastic hair.