This is our fifth year at Gill Goddard Hair – time to celebrate. So firstly, a huge THANK YOU to all our customers. We are glad you are still enjoying fantastic styles and great service from our salon.

For me, this is a good time to stop and reflect. It has been amazing, but what, personally, have been some of the characteristics of these past years?

Working with great people

A true professional vibe exists in our salon. You can sense that as soon as you walk through the door. I can’t rate this too highly as it is makes that atmosphere constantly fresh and intriguing for our customers. To get this result I manage the team alongside running my own appointment book. This is demanding and sometimes can leave me exhausted. However, I appreciate that every day I train people who I have chosen for their potential, aptitude and ambition, quick wit and amazing dedication. They work long hours and have the utmost loyalty to me and our customers. And that really does result in the best customer serve.

Leading the salon whatever the weather

I know I provide leadership at the salon. I am able to make the right choices at difficult moments based on learning from past experience and from my amazing coach, who has been central to my stability and development as a leader.

Part of being a great leader is maintaining high professional standards at all times despite having to deal with and resolve immediate issues. It is really challenging to have to deal with unreasonable and confrontational customers. However, I always have to take into account that they might be nervous or unsure due to poor quality experiences in other salons. As well as a commitment to work-life balance we have a dignity at work policy. This makes it clear to all staff the standard to which to treat all customers but also makes it clear what they should expect from customers in return.

Building a business from scratch

I love that I work, every day, in a creative environment that I designed. I thoroughly researched the business and set it up to be durable as an enterprise and an exciting and peaceful place for customers and staff. I think it continues to be that today.

Despite fierce competition in Totnes we have a business to celebrate. Even trading through a recession we are still growing every year between 10 and 12 %. I am proud of the whole team.

Never a bad hair day in business

I have to set aside time to wash, condition and blow dry my hair every single day for work. I can never have a bad hair day. It is a metaphor for business: Everyone running a service knows what it is to get out of bed every day with the energy needed to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations (however under the weather you might feel from time to time).  But I enjoy setting a standard, supporting my staff to deliver. I welcome every customer knowing that we offer them excellent customer service, brilliant hair now, and will for the next five years.