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In case you didn’t know – we #LoveTotnes. We are on the Plains of Totnes, and look out on this great town every-day. Therefore we wanted to celebrate it in the most positive way possible. So in January we launched our first #LoveTotnes activity – a photo competition focusing on all that is lovely about our home town. That was a great success, so we are back with more…


This is the winner of our photo competition earlier this year – #LoveTotnes – from @MoorDelivery

This time will be biking (yes, cycling on an exercise bike) in the salon on Saturday 27th April. Between appointments we will be on the pedals. And we expect it to be lots of fun. So, nibbles and drinks too for our clients and visitors that day!

As a team, we will go as far as we can. All eyes will be on the milometer on our bike. You can sponsor us in a few different waysAll money raised will be given to Totnes Caring to support the essential work they do in and around Totnes.

You can support Totnes Caring and our fun cycle on 27th April:

  • Online: Sponsor us any time of the day or night at (money goes straight to Totnes Caring)
  • In salonGuess the distance we will cycle in a day for £1 and the closest person will win a fantastic goody-bag
  • On the day: Come by, celebrate, and support the cyclists with a clap and cheer
  • Social media: Tweet, Facebook a message of support  

Totnes Caring is a fantastic local charity that supports about 1200 elderly and sick members of the Totnes community, enabling them to live in their own homes to help them remain independent and not be isolated. They help with transport needs, shopping, befriending, form filling, luncheon clubs and more. Its staff and volunteers work tirelessly to provide help and community. We are proud to be raising money to support Totnes Caring.

So, we hope you #LoveTotnes too and will support our cycle on 27th April.


Long hair just doesn’t look good without some styling in the form of layers, fringes or added products for volume and curls. It’s easy to wear it in a band or piled up on top. But you lose the look that you’ve spent so much time waiting for in growing your hair long.  There are so many ways to wear it down. So if this is you, we can give you some really good styling and advice.

Recently a client from long ago came back to the salon as, having grown her hair from her last hair cut three years ago, her hair looked gorgeous but lacked style. It also needed some professional attention to the ends and some shaping around the face. We decided not to blow dry after the cut was finished because I wanted to demonstrate how nice it could look naturally. I added Macadamia Curling Cream to her layered natural brunette curls, creating a lovely shining effect. (This product really works for unfrizzing long or short curls.) It looked amazing with a long sweeping fringe that could be straightened, curled or volumised with a hairbrush or rollers at home and I showed her how quickly she could do this herself.

We always take time to assess your needs and after-care in the salon. Understanding your face shape, the texture of your hair and the demands your lifestyle places on your hair is important. Our main aim is always going to be to make our customers love and take pride in their hair. Beautiful hair contributes to a feeling of wellbeing.

Suza Katz is relaxing with a colour treatment to enhance her auburn locks

Suza Katz is relaxing with a colour treatment to enhance her auburn locks!

So how can I make the most of a new style?

Understanding your face shape is a part of the discussion about the style that will enhance your look. We can help you and advise you on all your options but knowing your hair type and your face shape are strong starting points.

To discover your face shape at home, pin back or hold up all the hair from your face and look to see in the mirror whether you can identify an oval, square, heart-shaped or a round face. Then, check the space below your chin. Are you long in the neck or short? This will help to locate where to concentrate on volumising your hair. And therefore will help determine the cut, treatments and products that are right for you. Plus, we will take into account how you will style your hair at home so that you have a great finish everyday – not just the day you step out of the salon. We know, for example, that it is difficult to volumise the crown area of the head at home with a full fringe!

How can I compliment the cut to make my long hair look its best?

A combination of approaches can work really well. Depending on the style we might use a large round brush for blow-drying sections of hair, teamed with a root spray or just lift gently later on for more relaxed volume with our Salon Professional Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Products can be very useful in adding volume to your hair. We recommend our products of the month, which lots of our customers swear by: Wella Volumising Shampoo and Leave- In- Volume Conditioner. The Wella Volumise Line is extremely effective at strengthening fine hair. These two products are light and particularly good at creating long-lasting volume for straight hair. Other hair types and textures benefit from a small amount of Macadamia Oil/spray or curl cream before blow-drying, with fantastic results.

A spiral Perm could be a great investment: We use a system that can give soft spiral curls to long natural hair (without colour.)

Colour can more than transform long hair: We can add soft tones and colours to lightly greying hair, giving a natural depth of colour that really suits you and gives a vibrant shine.

We will always give home-care advice between treatments and are offering a special deal on long hair-up-do’s throughout March.

What if my hair is damaged or difficult to manage?

All our staff take pride in treating and transforming damaged and over-treated hair, and changing it into something beautiful. We offer the popular Keratin Smoothing Treatment for frizzy and unmanageable long hair. Adding an Alchemy Treatment to any style provides a luxury finish for many because it can add volume and another ingredient to repair, smoothen, hydrate or add shine to hair.

Everyone with long hair is very aware of the time and commitment it has taken to grow their hair. Our commitment is to work in consultation with you so that we can achieve the best and healthiest results, together, for your hair.