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Gill and Hanna 2

Gill and Hanna

Hanna, our top stylist and colour expert is about to go on maternity leave. Exciting times! We wish her and husband Joe all the very best with the arrival of their first baby. We will keep you updated on this very special arrival!

Back at the salon, Hanna will be greatly missed by her colleagues. Although, we can now all eat hoola-hoops in peace (Hanna’s one craving)! And we know she will be in the salon to enjoy a bit of pampering now and then, to keep her hair looking wonderful. In the meantime, we thought that we would take moment to share with you some thoughts from Hanna:


You have been a stylist for 6 years. What do you remember most about being a junior stylist?

It has been a good few years and I have had some great clients. Unfortunately right at the beginning, I cut my finger on my brand new scissors while I was cutting a gents hair, it wouldn’t stop bleeding so I had to get one of the other girls to take over for me, embarrassing!!


These days you are the colour expert for the salon. What does this mean for you clients and colleagues?

I’ve been through some really intensive training to become a colour expert. I think clients enjoy having someone with my level of training and experience. I share what I know with the team who learn from the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

What do you have to do to become a colour expert?

I went to the Wella world Studio in London for 3 days every month for a year to complete my MCA (Master Colour Award). We had stages of practical and theory based lessons learning everything from what your hair is made up of, to how your eye perceives colour.

And then there was the famous head block challenge which everyone talks about from day one. A head block with long hair split into 4 sections – one black, one green, one red with a dark stripe through it, and one blonde. The challenge: to change the hair all to the same colour in a 6 hour exam! Thank goodness I passed but it was pretty hard! And fortunately I havn’t had anyone come into the salon with a similar challenge… yet!


What is the best thing about working with the other staff at Gill Goddard Hair?

I love the fact that everyone who works here gets along. We are mates as well as being work colleagues. We can have a laugh together. I mean who wants to work with people they don’t like?!


When have you seen the team in the salon at working at its very best?

I think Christmas week is always the biggest challenge because we are all beyond fully booked. Everyone’s in a good mood and having fun getting ready for Christmas. There is always plenty of chocolate and goodies flowing. (I was lucky this year that I had an excuse to eat the choccies being pregnant!)


You help manage the salon and develop staff. Why is training important in the salon more generally?

I think our training is a great way of keeping up within our industry but also it is really good fun. When you do a job that you enjoy the training just makes you want to be even better at it! I prefer the colour training obviously but it’s great that Gill dedicates time out for us to learn and keep us on our toes!! Plus, it means our client have a positive experience with all the stylist – we are all motivated.


How has it been maintaining a busy day job whilst being pregnant?

It’s been fine. Clients are always asking me how I am feeling which is nice. I have been trying to sit down more often. Fern has been helping me blow-dry clients hair for a while now so that I’m not standing up all the time. As for cravings – I haven’t really had them. But I am loving hula hoops, whenever there’s a packet lying around in the salon the girls know they are mine!


What will you miss whilst you are away on maternity leave do you think?

It is hard to tell before I go, but I know I will miss having nice hair all the time! I’m hoping the girls won’t mind me popping in to keep up my roots and cut!


What Fern said about Hanna going on leave:

For a start I’ll miss the lift to work and home – I’ll have to catch the bus. I’m having driving lessons though. Hopefully Hanna’s road rage wont have rubbed off on me, haha. Also just her support, she’s always there to help out. I’ve got a real buzz out of learning colour with Hanna. Also, just her support, she’s always there for me. One day I’d like to be a top stylist.


What Kate said about Hanna going on leave:

Gonna be really strange without Han here, gonna miss her a lot. Since I started here 3 years ago I’ve looked up to her with everything and she’s helped and taught me so much! Her time off will fly by though cos we’re so busy and she’ll be back in no time, in the meanime we all get on so well and work well as a team. We will all get on with it and step up to make sure Hans gap is covered. Now she is leaving I thought I have got a break from doing her hair (most fussiest client ever.) But nope she has assured me she will be back just as much to get her hair done!



ImageTwo new customers came in together today. One had booked for the other and herself to have new year restyles as a treat. I was prepared. When I have restyles back to back in the appointment book we highlight them to make sure there is enough time for consultations. Once a customer trusts we’re really listening to what they want they ask our advice about making long term changes to their hair like colour and length. This time one of the friends had prepared herself for her consultation by drawing a picture. She drew her own head and the style she wanted with a biro and pencil on a sketch pad. The drawing was lovely – it was detailed, lively and very 3D. It was very clear to me exactly what she wanted and she was confident I would understand it.

I’m always really excited when customers draw themselves and create the style they want and show it to me for my interpretation. To me a drawing is very special. It’s so great that the customer is confident with this drawing for working out her new look with me. And more often than not, it’s been reworked into a longer or shorter version on several pages to consider different versions of the same cut. So before they can snatch the drawing away because they feel embarrassed I ask if I can use it during the cut. And because it’s quite unusual to work from a drawing all the other stylists sneak a peek.

One of the teaching aids we use in the salon is a sheet of A4 with four different aspects of a head. Sometimes describing one cut the paper goes on for five sheets as it’s taken in step by step by the hair stylist. If we want to describe a style or cut to each other we use photocopies of this template of a head and we simply make marks on it to describe different layers or graduation. And of course there is a lot of explaining and describing techniques.

Similarly we learn lots by using these templates for working out how to develop understanding of colour work. Hanna loves drawing out her formulas for corrective colour work on the mirror instead of a piece of paper. Great hairdressers are able to think in pictures and diagrams and through dialogue. It’s a flamboyant thing to mark a mirror in the salon but it’s a temporary and visual aid that works like a drawing. It gets us all excited about the possibilities of restyles – it’s something new and we love creating something individual for our customers. Restyles are always a challenge and we talk about them a lot and sometime photograph the before and after. This time I’ve photographed the drawing.