Beautiful scarves made by the women Rosie met on her travels

Beautiful scarves made by the women Rosie met on her travels

So what happens when you return home after a life changing trip abroad? Do you get on with life as normal? Or do you begin to think about the places that you visited and how you can continue to help the people you met, even at a great distance?

One of our clients, Rosie North, was in Laos and Cambodia recently as a volunteer health practitioner. She started to tell me about her experience of being a volunteer in some of the poorest parts of Asia. It made for fascinating listening as she started her tale at one of her hair appointments. So interesting in fact that I arranged to meet and record some of Rosie’s story at a café…

Have a listen to this brief conversation and hear first-hand from Rosie North and Gill Goddard which has been submitted to the BBC Radio Listening project. Listen to this podcast

Rosie was in Cambodia and it became increasingly challenging to support the needs of patients in the clinic where she was working. The practices were so different to those in the west and the language a real barrier to overcoming these challenge and differences with the managers of the clinic.

In the end, after treating and helping many children and families, Rosie turned her focus to women’s groups. Rosie recognised that women often brought life-changing money to their families, frequently using their skills to produce saleable crafts to tourists and other passers-by on the road. Many did this with disabilities and other very real physical and social restrictions.

On return from her trip to Cambodia and Laos Rosie reflects upon her time working in a clinic and how she might help the women she met using potential in the scarves she brought back…to sell to us…

I would like to invite you to The Assembly Room, Royal Seven Stars Totnes: 18th September 2014, 6.30pm

This is a charity event sponsored by Gill Goddard Hair & The Royal Seven Stars Totnes

Rosie North will speak and present images on: “Volunteer Tourism in Cambodia” to raise money to support rural Cambodian women, children and their families.

Authentic woven cotton scarves will be for sale and we hope to make enough money to begin importing and selling the scarves and supporting these women.

Wine and nibbles will be served.

Hope you can make it.