Fern as a little girlFern, senior stylist at Gill Goddard Hair, tells us about a love of curling and how her mother protected her from all those potentially embarrassing baby photos. 

I think I was blond as a child. There aren’t any dramatic pictures of me with awful fringes. My mum was good to me like that. I think I am looking a bit guilty in this photo – left – as I had just picked my nose!

For a long-time I wasn’t really bothered by my hair – I just wore it straight. I really wasn’t any good at looking after my hair. My sister helped me and perhaps that encouraged me to become a hairdresser. I don’t know. Fern and sister

Now I am a stylist I realise how much I love curling long hair. But before we talk about that I have to confess I did colour my own hair for a long time – oh yes!

Fern TeenagerMy hair is probably mousey coloured under the colour. I say mousey because I haven’t seen the natural colour since I was twelve. When I was a teenager I coloured it myself, mostly black. I remember bleaching my hair at home. One day me and my friend were doing this and my hair started to sizzle. We wondered if it was normal for hair to do that (oh my god). So I ended up with my hair on one side shorter than the other. The hair burnt right off! She is still my friend and still does amazingly crazy things with her hair but properly now.

As for me, I have learnt the problems with self-colouring your hair – it just doesn’t work. Especially when your hair starts sizzling. Ha ha. Now, obviously, I have my hair coloured in the salon. My hair doesn’t grow quickly enough so I have extensions put in my hair. Sometimes I think I shoFern nowuld have short hair and that it would look better but I just love having long hair. If I grew it out it would never be this thick so get my long hair bonded. Long hair: Fake and proud! And I don’t mind people knowing that.

I love curling hair, blow drying hair. If you have long hair there is so much more you can do with it. So I always love someone coming into the salon with long hair. And yes, after all these years I still love the hair of Kim Kardashian. She looks fantastic don’t you think?

More from Hanna and Gill on the stories behind their hair soon…