Hanna and Rosa 2The third in our series of blogs about staff at Gill Goddard Hair. This time Hanna tells us about her hair as a child and now, how she enjoys learning as a stylist and why she ended up in the salon chair right before her honeymoon.  

Thinking back to my childhood I had some bad fringes – I wouldn’t sit still when having my haircut. Although I would say that Gill was not precious about cutting our hair, whereas my daughter has very curly hair so I find it’s a bit crazy unless I tame it!

When I was young, but old enough to choose my hair length I chose to have it short. I was a tomboy, into the spice girls. At school I enjoyed netball and hanging around with my friends! I remember being keen to learn to drive, and luckily I passed first time.

I grew my hair longer when I was a teenager– I became a lot more girly. I was then around a hair salon a lot as my mum is a hairdresser. I used to model for the trainees, which was Hanna Weddinggreat fun. I started to experiment with my hair a bit more, and later, of course became a stylist myself. I knew I loved colouring as soon as I started at college. I then went to do a very intensive colour course in London to further my skills.

I decided to grow my hair again for my wedding in 2013, it was a challenge though because I bleach and colour it pretty frequently so it wasn’t in great condition but that didn’t matter so much when it was put up. The day after the wedding, on my way to the train station for our honeymoon I was straight in the salon and had my hair cut short again which was much better!

I know they say that your hair changes and thickens when you are pregnant but that didn’t seem to happen to me unfortunately. Some of the clients were really excited for Joe and I, which was lovely. Grace is one now, and she is really chatty at the moment which is so comical!

Hanna and Grace.pngOn my days off me and my daughter Grace love visiting places, we like to go swimming or to the zoo sometimes. We meet up with my other friends who have children the same age, which is fun for both of us.

I am enjoying being a stylist. Hairdressing is always changing and new techniques particularly in colouring come out all the time. So I like to visit the Wella world studio in London at least once a year.

My hair now? Well I am trying out something a little darker. But short hair still – of course!

Hanna is Top Stylist and Colour Expert at Gill Goddard Hair. For an appointment with Hanna call 01803 866101