img_0362Fern has been cutting my hair since she started at the salon over 5 years ago. She is a great stylist and has abundant energy. I was pleased to hear that she was developing her skills yet further with High Definition (HD) – one of the most respected beauty training schools in the UK.

Having been doing HD brows at Gill Goddard Hair for several months now I thought it was time to sample some of her new skills. Of course, she applies herself to this with the same balance of professionalism and care that I know from Fern as a stylist. For me, first time in the chair for eyebrows – this was critical. I’ll be honest I had absolutely no idea what care and attention is needed by someone like Fern to manage those arches above my eyes.

Fern told me that the best results were to be had from a series of appointments but that I would likely see a striking difference even after the first. She was right! First, she tinted the eyebrows. Then, with swiftness, she waxed. Whilst waxing is no ones, favourite I can confirm she did this really efficiently and moved swiftly on to threading. Which was mesmeric and effective at thinning bushy bits! Once she had brows that were in better shape, she applied the make-up and finishing plucks for those stray hairs.

Overall, about 45 minutes to get real shape to your brows – High Definition comes highly recommended with Fern.