AlanaAlana is an apprentice in the salon. She talks here about experiences and what it takes to make the grade… and catch a fish!

I’m an apprentice, so I am at college at the same time as working in the salon. It just so happened that Gill was looking for someone just as I joined college. It felt like a sign that this was the right thing to be doing. Because I have been to college before I am on a fast track and it is going well.

When I first started it was tough. I am not sure everyone realises how hard it is being a hairdresser. It is so hands on, all day, every day. I really like learning and that helps me build my confidence. Even after I finish and qualify I want to keep learning – colour courses, hair-ups, that sort of thing. Being at Gill’s salon I feel really lucky. Everyone wants to see you progress and learn.

I enjoy watching the other stylists work too. And see how they have progressed from their time as an apprentice. All the stylists are like role models to me really. Which is great whilst I go through all my assessments.

We practice in salon and then the assessor comes in to do the test. I do get nervous in tests though, especially when I know the person I am washing, blow drying or styling during the test. But I really like passing the tests. I feel really good. When I qualify I look forward to the time when I have my own column and people start asking for me to style their hair.

Me and my partner, we live in Totnes. But when we have time we like to go sea fishing together. You have to travel to the best spots and know the tides. I didn’t know that much about it when we first met. But I do now, and I like it. It is a bit like hairdressing really – you have to be really organised and really patient!

And when I am not fishing – I really like shopping. I can put loads of things in my online shopping basket and wait until payday. If I still want them on payday then I probably really want them. Again, this really takes patience!

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