Charlotte 11-4-18I’ve been at Gill Goddard Hair since last summer, as an apprentice. I started my training when I was a teenager but for one reason and another I wasn’t able to finish at the time. So it is really positive to be back on the programme at South Devon College and at Gill’s.

In the future I would like to open my own very boutique salon. This has been my dream since I was 18 years old. It will be a Marilyn themed small salon – with all the character of the wonderful Miss Monroe herself. And whilst clearly she was not perfect (who is?), her image is so glamourous. I love her wiggle – that tasselled dress!

We do all sorts of things as part of our apprenticeship. My perfect day training was last week when I did a men’s cut, child cut and a tent. I love doing hair-ups too. Really anything creative interests me in salon.

I’m really excited by some of the new colour treatments Hanna and Gill are planning. The Lipstick Blow Dry will be great for people who want that temporary tint or gloss for a week – perfect for a party. Having a rose tint on blond hair is really ‘in’ at the moment. So fresh.

I live with my partner. He is my best friend and we fit together – we are yin and yang. We love spending time outdoors – biking, and in the summer fishing. My stepson, who is nine, loves fishing when he is down too. He lives in Liverpool and I really like to see him as often as I can.

The summer is coming and lots of friends will be down for a visit too. I’ve always lived in Torquay. I love it here, especially when the sun comes out and you feel like you are on holiday sitting out in the garden! And when it starts to rain of course I can always snuggle up on the sofa for another viewing of ‘Some Like It Hot’ – even if it is the 100th time I have seen it. Somethings are just timeless!

Charlotte is currently looking for models as part of her training programme. Contact Gill Goddard Hair for more info 01803 866101.