Our shop front and our website now feature our lovely new branding designed especially for us by John Baxter. We love the freshness of John’s work and think it fits so well with our range of products and the feel of our salon. Hope you agree!

John’s portfolio attracted my attention because I love “comic-book” references; and I am particularly inspired by his trademark watercolour and quirky illustrations.

Website John Baxter

Our new website header

John presented new work to me with an understated and dazzling originality. He travelled to the Totnes to meet me at the salon to discuss rebranding due to a new and natural product line I am now buying in and using with my clients.

The So Pure products from Keune have changed the working atmosphere in our shop through their natural perfumes which are calming and reminiscent of gardens. I wanted clients to see this particular “smell” and colour reflected in our salon designs. We discussed how to develop a new sensibility with illustrative pictures and logos somewhat like those that had caught my eye in his portfolio.

Front of salon Gill Goddard Hair

The front of the salon: Gill Goddard Hair

John took me right through redesigning my salon from beginning to end, and kept me up to date with the process sending emails and making phone calls. He was brilliant, supportive when I needed it and at the same time assertive in leading the way. The results are beautiful and amazing. All the printing nightmares I had had before were taken away as he managed the print formats and the delivery of cards and signs on time.

New Gill Goddard Hair Branding

Our beautiful new brand!

During the process, John was very flexible and un-possessive about his illustrations right up to the last minute – he was fine about ditching stuff I felt I couldn’t use and altering the shape and size I of stuff I loved and wanted to keep. I am in the exciting process of redecorating the interior of my salon with the finished spec. I’m so pleased with our new illustrations, logo, exterior colour and the finished result. The salon is now being noticed on a daily basis and people comment on the new designs – they are loved by staff and customers!


Christmas 2014So many of our clients come into salon at this time of year and share their plans for Christmas. Many of those plans are joyous, visitors coming from far away and family gatherings for meals and presents. Some of you are taking trips to sun-filled places for Christmas.

We also know that many of you find this time of year tricky. Family gatherings are not always easy – and they are often, even when enjoyable, hard work if you are the host! So with raised glasses to the hosts, the cooks, the carers and the constant shoppers we are focusing here on you! Here are a few wishes we have for you this Christmas:

 We wish you a good book in a comfortable chair.

 We wish you long hot baths on cold dark nights.

 We wish you one or two (boxes of) chocolates!

 We wish you a chance to catch-up with an old friend in person or on the phone.

 We wish you health, and your family too.

 We wish you happy times.

 We wish you evening films that make you laugh and cry.

 We wish you patience with family and visitors that outstay their welcome.

 We wish you pleasant memories of people who can’t be with you.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

From all the staff at Gill Goddard Hair x

Gill, Hanna, Fern, Leanne, Asia, and Demelza

Beautiful scarves made by the women Rosie met on her travels

Beautiful scarves made by the women Rosie met on her travels

So what happens when you return home after a life changing trip abroad? Do you get on with life as normal? Or do you begin to think about the places that you visited and how you can continue to help the people you met, even at a great distance?

One of our clients, Rosie North, was in Laos and Cambodia recently as a volunteer health practitioner. She started to tell me about her experience of being a volunteer in some of the poorest parts of Asia. It made for fascinating listening as she started her tale at one of her hair appointments. So interesting in fact that I arranged to meet and record some of Rosie’s story at a café…

Have a listen to this brief conversation and hear first-hand from Rosie North and Gill Goddard which has been submitted to the BBC Radio Listening project. Listen to this podcast

Rosie was in Cambodia and it became increasingly challenging to support the needs of patients in the clinic where she was working. The practices were so different to those in the west and the language a real barrier to overcoming these challenge and differences with the managers of the clinic.

In the end, after treating and helping many children and families, Rosie turned her focus to women’s groups. Rosie recognised that women often brought life-changing money to their families, frequently using their skills to produce saleable crafts to tourists and other passers-by on the road. Many did this with disabilities and other very real physical and social restrictions.

On return from her trip to Cambodia and Laos Rosie reflects upon her time working in a clinic and how she might help the women she met using potential in the scarves she brought back…to sell to us…

I would like to invite you to The Assembly Room, Royal Seven Stars Totnes: 18th September 2014, 6.30pm

This is a charity event sponsored by Gill Goddard Hair & The Royal Seven Stars Totnes

Rosie North will speak and present images on: “Volunteer Tourism in Cambodia” to raise money to support rural Cambodian women, children and their families.

Authentic woven cotton scarves will be for sale and we hope to make enough money to begin importing and selling the scarves and supporting these women.

Wine and nibbles will be served.

Hope you can make it.



A soft summer style

In July the view into the street from the salon in Totnes gets greener and the humidity inside rises. We regularly open one or both doors to keep cool from the dryers and the general noisy hubbub. I’ve recently been listening to a shared playlist of jazz and blues in the salon and there’s a good inclusive vibe while we work, meet, greet and get coffee for our customers.

Everyone is about to go on holiday or is planning a break and we all start to thrive on the good feelings of July and feeling good about the holidays. The styles become more beachy, the blow drying is more relaxed. There is a lot less formality to the finish look that customers require for their summer parties, weddings and holidays. Suddenly we all want beach heads – tousled curls, or we want to look like we just left the bed and pulled on a t-shirt and jeans. Two familiar requests:

 “Just finger dry …don’t use any product” 


Modulation Gel from Keune So Pure

Now that we use Keune So Pure, we can really get down to producing the natural look our clients desire and also design the cut and blow dry individually to suit the occasion. Texture Spray works a treat on long and short hair after straightening or curling, and the ever popular Moroccan Argon Oil is popular on blonde and coloured hair, leaving a great healthy shine and vibrancy.

I’ve really started working well with the Modulation Gel and also the Exfoliating Treatment, getting really great results with these two very different products. Modulation Gel has a good firm hold but hair stays soft if you blow dry it. You get a textured look if you leave it in to dry naturally. It’s not for the shy retiring kind of style – it’s got the added liveliness needed to texturize fine hair with a bit of volume. So, why not try it yourself for your easy holiday style!

Welcome to Amsterdam

It was a welcoming 21 degrees in Amsterdam. I sat outside in my shirtsleeves with a glass of wine by the canal with other salon owners from UK who had come together to visit Keune.

I recently spent a weekend in Amsterdam, courtesy of my products suppliers and Keune. Last year at Gill Goddard Hair we took a pretty massive step and changed our product range to So Pure from Keune. It was a great move and this trip has confirmed why I think that Keune is absolutely right for us and our customers.

This was not going to be my first visit to Amsterdam so I was excited in a really relaxed way. I am one of those people who like travelling a lot, but I get lost. I’m missing some pretty vital navigating and directional equipment. I do however know how to read the positive signs of a good company or organisation.  All the signs from the Keune family (and I know now why they call themselves a family) are great.

I love the Keune brochures, pictures and really love the products. So I imagined the weekend with them would be a positive and enhancing experience. It was!

Meeting (Mr) Keune

The Keune Factory

The Keune Factory

Our bus drew up to the Keune factory, which seems to double as a modernist Statement with a staircase entrance hall complete with show car, office, pristine canteen and eating area, lecture theatres and an amazing hair salon set up for cut, colour hair collections, photography and modelling.



At the entrance we met Editha, Star of the Show – the Educator come Hostess. She’s amazing, intelligent, quick witted, performic, informal and chatty. She guided us through the Keune product portfolio and collections like a pro public speaker. This dynamic approach to information and education is something I really appreciate. The enthusiasm is catching!

Me and Mr Keune

Me and Mr Keune!

We sat and watched a presentation about the company – from its beginning to its flourishing contemporary place in the global hair market. Even more amazing than the history is that for the involvement of the Keune family. The grandson of the founder, Mr George Keune has a house attached to the factory and is available for the staff 24/7 or so it seems. A strong dedication to the business and its evolution.


Demos at Keune

Two hair educators appeared on stage and we are treated to cut and colour processes. Then it was time for lunch. Back down in the canteen I could hardly believe how good the food was – obviously cooked from scratch and really healthy!

Highlights and dizzy heights 

Hearing all about the Keune processes

Hearing all about the Keune processes

Back to our itinerary and for me it was the highlight of the trip: a tour around the factory. It sounds dead boring but this is no ordinary factory. For a start the Keune company employs 17 people with learning difficulties who work five days a week on light manual labour. They know everybody and everybody knows them.

Smelling the delicious Keune products

Smelling the delicious Keune products

Editha explains the many processes that will eventually end up in our salons as tubes of colour, perm, shampoo and conditioner. Thousands of tubes and bottles of product are produced each day and the factory workers do shifts to meet the demand. We visit a section where the essential oils are stored in a funny dry airless way where if we stay too long we will start talking with a funny voice.

Up high with Keune

Up high with Keune

We visit the lab where scientists are constantly testing and evolving this natural range of products. We visit an area across the road similar to the loading bays in Ikea Bristol. Before I know it I’m up in the ceiling in a fork-lift truck, four times the height of my house with a strange man at the controls!

One microphone, a table-top and a whole lot of food

After our return to the hotel and many, many photographs and documentation notes, we changed for the evening meal at an amazing karaoke bar. Again no ordinary karaoke or food!

The Dutch are fab – they know how to make an evening meal really special. All the waiters are singers and the maître d’ welcomes our party of British people to the table by announcing an “eighties” hits night.

Amsterdam meal

Delicious food, great company

They began a tradition of shared food. Every four places along the table there is a delicious tapas starter. Then spaghetti fongoli followed by Ice cream and cake dessert. They even catered for gluten-free guests, cooking a special meal. Every 15 minutes a waiter sings with a microphone – and it’s not the champagne flowing – they really are excellent singers.

By the end of the evening the salon owners all know each other really well and some of us have even danced on the tables to roars of delight from the other guests!

Coming home with a thank you

In the morning I found a café of the beaten track where a Dutch man cooked us double eggs and bacon with strong coffee. We all sat in companionable silence. I reviewed my trip and wrote up my notes. It had been all at once exhilarating and inspirational. I can’t really complain about being on my feet all day in the salon at home now I know about this fast pace and great workforce all behind the scenes at Keune making the exceptional products we work with everyday!

Thanks Lee and Gary, everyone was looked after us including Editha, Mr Keune and his team and the other companies involved with the trip. I had a great time, and it will bring fresh insights to my salon in deepest south west Devon. X



Gill goddard Hair: Cian mid head-shave

Me and Cian mid head-shave

When I was asked to support Cian, who was shaving off his hair for charity, the answer was obviously ‘yes’. Here was a young lad, prepared to do something brave for an excellent cause. My role was to shave Cian’s head during his lunch hour from school, which was his pledge for sponsorship. So I readied my clippers for the event.

I love the way that in Totnes there are people willing to do things that step outside for others. And I really like the way, as a business owner and resident I am part of that community and can support this. I also like hearing what people think about this Town we live in and concerns they have for the world well beyond Totnes.

Cian chose WaterAid as his charity. In the salon we use lots of water, it is necessary. But it is easy to forget that there are people all over the world who don’t have access to clean and safe water. And we can help change this. On the 26th March Cian raised £520 to help supply these communities, villages and towns all over the world with clean water.

But that wasn’t all. Cian had been growing his hair for this event for 8 months. This young man had dedicated himself to this project over sometime. We have adult clients who won’t wait that long for their hair to grow long! Because of Cian’s dedication we were able to cut the lengths of his hair so that they could be sent off to make wigs for young people suffering from hair loss, including for cancer patients the same age as him.

So actually there were many good things happening at lunchtime on the 26th March. One determined but lovely young person with two big causes. I was proud to cut his hair. He looks great and now the weather is improving, I hope he won’t be too cold!

Gill and Hanna 2

Gill and Hanna

Hanna, our top stylist and colour expert is about to go on maternity leave. Exciting times! We wish her and husband Joe all the very best with the arrival of their first baby. We will keep you updated on this very special arrival!

Back at the salon, Hanna will be greatly missed by her colleagues. Although, we can now all eat hoola-hoops in peace (Hanna’s one craving)! And we know she will be in the salon to enjoy a bit of pampering now and then, to keep her hair looking wonderful. In the meantime, we thought that we would take moment to share with you some thoughts from Hanna:


You have been a stylist for 6 years. What do you remember most about being a junior stylist?

It has been a good few years and I have had some great clients. Unfortunately right at the beginning, I cut my finger on my brand new scissors while I was cutting a gents hair, it wouldn’t stop bleeding so I had to get one of the other girls to take over for me, embarrassing!!


These days you are the colour expert for the salon. What does this mean for you clients and colleagues?

I’ve been through some really intensive training to become a colour expert. I think clients enjoy having someone with my level of training and experience. I share what I know with the team who learn from the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

What do you have to do to become a colour expert?

I went to the Wella world Studio in London for 3 days every month for a year to complete my MCA (Master Colour Award). We had stages of practical and theory based lessons learning everything from what your hair is made up of, to how your eye perceives colour.

And then there was the famous head block challenge which everyone talks about from day one. A head block with long hair split into 4 sections – one black, one green, one red with a dark stripe through it, and one blonde. The challenge: to change the hair all to the same colour in a 6 hour exam! Thank goodness I passed but it was pretty hard! And fortunately I havn’t had anyone come into the salon with a similar challenge… yet!


What is the best thing about working with the other staff at Gill Goddard Hair?

I love the fact that everyone who works here gets along. We are mates as well as being work colleagues. We can have a laugh together. I mean who wants to work with people they don’t like?!


When have you seen the team in the salon at working at its very best?

I think Christmas week is always the biggest challenge because we are all beyond fully booked. Everyone’s in a good mood and having fun getting ready for Christmas. There is always plenty of chocolate and goodies flowing. (I was lucky this year that I had an excuse to eat the choccies being pregnant!)


You help manage the salon and develop staff. Why is training important in the salon more generally?

I think our training is a great way of keeping up within our industry but also it is really good fun. When you do a job that you enjoy the training just makes you want to be even better at it! I prefer the colour training obviously but it’s great that Gill dedicates time out for us to learn and keep us on our toes!! Plus, it means our client have a positive experience with all the stylist – we are all motivated.


How has it been maintaining a busy day job whilst being pregnant?

It’s been fine. Clients are always asking me how I am feeling which is nice. I have been trying to sit down more often. Fern has been helping me blow-dry clients hair for a while now so that I’m not standing up all the time. As for cravings – I haven’t really had them. But I am loving hula hoops, whenever there’s a packet lying around in the salon the girls know they are mine!


What will you miss whilst you are away on maternity leave do you think?

It is hard to tell before I go, but I know I will miss having nice hair all the time! I’m hoping the girls won’t mind me popping in to keep up my roots and cut!


What Fern said about Hanna going on leave:

For a start I’ll miss the lift to work and home – I’ll have to catch the bus. I’m having driving lessons though. Hopefully Hanna’s road rage wont have rubbed off on me, haha. Also just her support, she’s always there to help out. I’ve got a real buzz out of learning colour with Hanna. Also, just her support, she’s always there for me. One day I’d like to be a top stylist.


What Kate said about Hanna going on leave:

Gonna be really strange without Han here, gonna miss her a lot. Since I started here 3 years ago I’ve looked up to her with everything and she’s helped and taught me so much! Her time off will fly by though cos we’re so busy and she’ll be back in no time, in the meanime we all get on so well and work well as a team. We will all get on with it and step up to make sure Hans gap is covered. Now she is leaving I thought I have got a break from doing her hair (most fussiest client ever.) But nope she has assured me she will be back just as much to get her hair done!


ImageTwo new customers came in together today. One had booked for the other and herself to have new year restyles as a treat. I was prepared. When I have restyles back to back in the appointment book we highlight them to make sure there is enough time for consultations. Once a customer trusts we’re really listening to what they want they ask our advice about making long term changes to their hair like colour and length. This time one of the friends had prepared herself for her consultation by drawing a picture. She drew her own head and the style she wanted with a biro and pencil on a sketch pad. The drawing was lovely – it was detailed, lively and very 3D. It was very clear to me exactly what she wanted and she was confident I would understand it.

I’m always really excited when customers draw themselves and create the style they want and show it to me for my interpretation. To me a drawing is very special. It’s so great that the customer is confident with this drawing for working out her new look with me. And more often than not, it’s been reworked into a longer or shorter version on several pages to consider different versions of the same cut. So before they can snatch the drawing away because they feel embarrassed I ask if I can use it during the cut. And because it’s quite unusual to work from a drawing all the other stylists sneak a peek.

One of the teaching aids we use in the salon is a sheet of A4 with four different aspects of a head. Sometimes describing one cut the paper goes on for five sheets as it’s taken in step by step by the hair stylist. If we want to describe a style or cut to each other we use photocopies of this template of a head and we simply make marks on it to describe different layers or graduation. And of course there is a lot of explaining and describing techniques.

Similarly we learn lots by using these templates for working out how to develop understanding of colour work. Hanna loves drawing out her formulas for corrective colour work on the mirror instead of a piece of paper. Great hairdressers are able to think in pictures and diagrams and through dialogue. It’s a flamboyant thing to mark a mirror in the salon but it’s a temporary and visual aid that works like a drawing. It gets us all excited about the possibilities of restyles – it’s something new and we love creating something individual for our customers. Restyles are always a challenge and we talk about them a lot and sometime photograph the before and after. This time I’ve photographed the drawing.

We have been asking the team in salon about celebrity hair. How they would style it and what they would talk about with those precious private minutes with that person in the chair! Here is Hanna on a Desperate Housewife:

Hanna at Gill Goddard Hair

Hanna at Gill Goddard Hair

Whose hair would you like to do?

Bree van de Kamp (aka Marcia Cross)

Why do you want to do her hair?

Because it’s such an unusual colour!

What style you recommend for which occasion?

I would colour it and cut it shorter – into a sharp bob I think. Because she has such sharp features, she would look good with a defined cut, ready for a film premiere or unveiling of a new show.

What sort of outfit would complement the style you would recommend?

A gorgeous dress that is off the shoulder or not too busy around the neck to show off the new cut.

Which of the Keune So Pure products would you recommend for their hair?

Keune So Pure colour care shampoo and conditioner – to keep the colour vibrant. Air Foam Strong – to give the hair some hold & body when blow-drying.

What would you talk about during her time in the chair?

I would ask her about her career and filming desperate housewives because it was one of my favourite programmes!

Fern Junior Stylist at Gill Goddard Hair

Fern Junior Stylist at Gill Goddard Hair

Fern is the lovely Junior stylist at Gill Goddard Hair. We popped out to the New Walk Brassiere to have a drink and a chat. Fern has a great laugh and is full of life. She has been dedicated to Gill Goddard Hair and clients throughout her studies and graduated earlier in the year as a stylist. (Congratulations to Fern!)

We talked about what she loves about working at Gill Goddard Hair. We also talked about textiles, Top Shop and letting her hair down. Apparently she would love to share her evening pizza with a man off TV called Dodger….

Why did you become a hair stylist?

I have always loved hairdressing. I really loved art at school, especially textiles, but I am a better hairdresser than I am artist! But I do think hair styling is creative, so I enjoy it a lot. If I wasn’t a stylist I would like to be a beautician or a designer.

You are wearing a great combat jacket. Is that from your favourite shop?

Yes! I love Top Shop. I don’t follow the big designers – out of my price range! But I do love nearly everything at Top Shop. Mostly you will see me in the salon in black. This top has got a back longer than the front, I really like that style.  Black for the winter – and because it goes with everything. Orange and coral for summer. Actually, I don’t wear a lot of coral but I like it on other people.

Tell us about working at Gill Goddard Hair?

I really like it at Gill’s. Everyone wants you to get on and be as good as you can be. Hairdressing can be very competitive, nasty even. But at our salon people support you and help you to be the best. Gill gives us lots of training, in salon and in training centres. Not many salon owners do as much as that to help their staff.

Gill Goddard Hair at Christmas

Gill Goddard Hair at Christmas

What is the highlight of the year for you in the salon?

I love Christmas. We are so busy. Lots of clients come in and tell us about their Christmas plans. I get lots of younger clients that tell me about their parties and where they are going that night. It is a lot of fun. And wearing the Christmas hats – I love that picture!

What do you do in the evening after a hard day’s work?

I like watching 90210, Hollyoaks, Made in Chelsea (they are so posh!) and The Only Way is Essex “Shut Up!” (Said with a very good Essex accent). I live with my mum so she cooks me dinner. I love Pizza.

If you could go out to dinner with anyone who would it be?

Dodger from Hollyoaks of course! (Ha ha). And we would eat Pizza!

If you could style anyone’s hair who would it be?

Someone young and famous. I would do Beyoncé – although I would be really scared! Or Rhianna.  I would be so nervous! I actually love styling long hair. You can straighten or curl it, there are so many possibilities. I think younger clients like to come to me because I understand how important it is to cut long hair just the right length. I know what it is like to be out in the evening and want your long hair to be, like, perfect.

To book an appointment with Fern for a cut and finish call us on 01803 866101.


Fern was talking to Anna