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Our shop front and our website now feature our lovely new branding designed especially for us by John Baxter. We love the freshness of John’s work and think it fits so well with our range of products and the feel of our salon. Hope you agree!

John’s portfolio attracted my attention because I love “comic-book” references; and I am particularly inspired by his trademark watercolour and quirky illustrations.

Website John Baxter

Our new website header

John presented new work to me with an understated and dazzling originality. He travelled to the Totnes to meet me at the salon to discuss rebranding due to a new and natural product line I am now buying in and using with my clients.

The So Pure products from Keune have changed the working atmosphere in our shop through their natural perfumes which are calming and reminiscent of gardens. I wanted clients to see this particular “smell” and colour reflected in our salon designs. We discussed how to develop a new sensibility with illustrative pictures and logos somewhat like those that had caught my eye in his portfolio.

Front of salon Gill Goddard Hair

The front of the salon: Gill Goddard Hair

John took me right through redesigning my salon from beginning to end, and kept me up to date with the process sending emails and making phone calls. He was brilliant, supportive when I needed it and at the same time assertive in leading the way. The results are beautiful and amazing. All the printing nightmares I had had before were taken away as he managed the print formats and the delivery of cards and signs on time.

New Gill Goddard Hair Branding

Our beautiful new brand!

During the process, John was very flexible and un-possessive about his illustrations right up to the last minute – he was fine about ditching stuff I felt I couldn’t use and altering the shape and size I of stuff I loved and wanted to keep. I am in the exciting process of redecorating the interior of my salon with the finished spec. I’m so pleased with our new illustrations, logo, exterior colour and the finished result. The salon is now being noticed on a daily basis and people comment on the new designs – they are loved by staff and customers!


This is our fifth year at Gill Goddard Hair – time to celebrate. So firstly, a huge THANK YOU to all our customers. We are glad you are still enjoying fantastic styles and great service from our salon.

For me, this is a good time to stop and reflect. It has been amazing, but what, personally, have been some of the characteristics of these past years?

Working with great people

A true professional vibe exists in our salon. You can sense that as soon as you walk through the door. I can’t rate this too highly as it is makes that atmosphere constantly fresh and intriguing for our customers. To get this result I manage the team alongside running my own appointment book. This is demanding and sometimes can leave me exhausted. However, I appreciate that every day I train people who I have chosen for their potential, aptitude and ambition, quick wit and amazing dedication. They work long hours and have the utmost loyalty to me and our customers. And that really does result in the best customer serve.

Leading the salon whatever the weather

I know I provide leadership at the salon. I am able to make the right choices at difficult moments based on learning from past experience and from my amazing coach, who has been central to my stability and development as a leader.

Part of being a great leader is maintaining high professional standards at all times despite having to deal with and resolve immediate issues. It is really challenging to have to deal with unreasonable and confrontational customers. However, I always have to take into account that they might be nervous or unsure due to poor quality experiences in other salons. As well as a commitment to work-life balance we have a dignity at work policy. This makes it clear to all staff the standard to which to treat all customers but also makes it clear what they should expect from customers in return.

Building a business from scratch

I love that I work, every day, in a creative environment that I designed. I thoroughly researched the business and set it up to be durable as an enterprise and an exciting and peaceful place for customers and staff. I think it continues to be that today.

Despite fierce competition in Totnes we have a business to celebrate. Even trading through a recession we are still growing every year between 10 and 12 %. I am proud of the whole team.

Never a bad hair day in business

I have to set aside time to wash, condition and blow dry my hair every single day for work. I can never have a bad hair day. It is a metaphor for business: Everyone running a service knows what it is to get out of bed every day with the energy needed to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations (however under the weather you might feel from time to time).  But I enjoy setting a standard, supporting my staff to deliver. I welcome every customer knowing that we offer them excellent customer service, brilliant hair now, and will for the next five years.


I get asked so often by clients – do I get the chance to relax in the chair and be pampered as someone cuts my hair?  I get my hair cut in the salon, of course, and I do enjoy it. But this makes me think: How do we all make sure we are looking after ourselves whilst we go about our busy lives? I am a stylist with lots of clients and business owner, with a family. It is life on-the-go. But I recognise that we all have our reasons for needing to stop and take care of ourselves.  So, here are some little reminders from my day in the salon on making the most of what makes us happy.

Taking a moment

I enjoy helping people feel great about themselves and their hair. It is what occupies my day. But know for my clients visiting Gill Goddard Hair it is just one appointment on their calendar – they have lots going on. When they come to the salon they are often coming in from the rain, busy lives, or out shopping. Then they stop, sit down and tell us all about their kids, their family, and their holidays. They reminisce. We get to hear highlights, which is lovely. And some sad stuff too. It is real life after all. So being with us in the salon is taking a moment out of a busy life.

Being with the right people

All the girls in the salon are so vibrant and dedicated – which makes me very lucky. I know that the clients enjoy this too. Plus, being with clients I hear a lot about peoples weekends and time with their friends and family. It always strikes me that time well spent with good people is vital to being happy.

Enjoy relaxing

When we ask people if they want a tea or coffee while they are in the salon we are not just being polite. We are offering them the chance to relax. And enjoy ‘me’ time. At the moment I enjoy a refreshing cup of peppermint tea whilst I have my hair done but I know that Hanna prefers a Cappuccino. We cater for all South Devon tastes!


Having pride

Being a stylist is creative. As a business owner I have a role in educating the next generation in how to take pride in their work. Bringing along talented young hairdressers like Ashlee is a pleasure. What we all do at Gill Goddard Hair is help our clients have pride in the way they look and feel. So all round, there is something hugely positive about being proud of oneself and others.

I want clients to leave the salon feeling good about themselves in as many ways as possible. Their hair is one part of that. But just as important to me is the reminder that our salon offers a little space for pampering busy people, right in the heart of a busy Totnes. We want to give clients a chance to have a cup of coffee, a chat and the hairstyle that makes them feel proud all the way until they visit us again…