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DSC_0818 (3)Gill Goddard Hair is 8 years old this week! Time for the wonderful staff team here to sit down and reminisce. Put down our scissors, colour aprons, plastic gloves and stylers for some well deserved  cake and balloons. Each one of us has lots to celebrate about our industry, and in our personal and professional lives. And we are highly motivated, trained and loving our job with you, our customers.

Very recently, we celebrated our junior stylist Asia passing her driving test, Fern and Asia’s promotion, Demelza passing her perm practical at college really early in her training and Hanna going off to Amsterdam on a Keune training and product knowledge weekend.

Quite apart from two of our senior staff getting married in the last two years and then Paul and myself becoming grandparents, we both travelled to India, America and the Carribean, for family weddings and holidays. Travelling is great, it is necessary when you think about people you love who live so far away and want you with them. But on coming back to Totnes and to our strong team in the Salon I am a very proud Salon Director this year.

IMAG0430We are so excited to reveal here that Fern will be training in Milton Keynes for HD Brows soon!  Eyebrow shaping is really big business, and we are planning to offer the best possible Brow services to our customers here in Totnes  – HD Brows will be coming to our salon from August this year.

We would also like to thank South Devon College staff for their time, patience and in house training! Especially to Lucy Wallace who has helped us to receive awards from government for first class Training Apprenticeships.

On this blog thought we would take a little trip down memory lane from the outside of the salon Recently we found some old pictures from those first days. Sometimes you forget how far you have come in the day to day of running a salon. How many of you remember the bookshop and the first Gill Goddard Hair shop front? And how many remember the competition for our first logo for GGH that we set up at Kevvic sixth form college, which you can see installed in our second pic?

photo 1photo 4IMG_0046GIll shopfront -3Things have moved on considerably outside through to the beautiful watercolour images and logo John Baxter designed especially for us recently. A real celebration of  collaborative creativity we think we bring to our work.

Before we blow out the candles on our celebration cake today I’d like to say a big thank you to all our loyal customers. We love hearing about your celebrations too.  Many of you have been within us for years, which is what we are all about. When you recommend us we receive new customers each month, along with new customers who move nearby or maybe walk past us on The Plains and pop in. Great to see new faces.

A great big ‘thank you’, to our staff team at Gill Goddard Hair who keep us all so well looked after day in day out, every year… x Happy Birthday!


ImageThis year saw the first well-being report for the UK. We see people in the salon at all points of their life. Often we are part of joyous occasions. We do lots of wedding styles, see lots of photos of new-born and growing children and help people look great for retirement parties. However, we know that life is a journey and can be tough in part.

Earlier in the year we talked about what made us happy. Christmas can be one of these joyous times. But it can also be challenging. And what makes one person happy is not always the answer for everyone. So we asked some of our clients their top tips to keep festive and well over Christmas and voted into a top-ten chart by us:

  1. Don’t be sad that you can’t see relatives who live far away – Skype them
  2. Don’t get stuck in front of the TV – take walks with friends
  3. Have time with your grandchildren but get them to bed on time for a little peace
  4. Cook – but make/let others help
  5. Visit neighbours and those that might appreciate your company
  6. Enjoy a great excuse for dressing-up and trying a new hair style
  7. Buy your Christmas meat, cheese and veg from local independent businesses
  8. Love giving the gifts as much as receiving
  9. Stack up the fruit bowl as well as the chocolate boxes
  10. Enjoy your favourite films and all those books you mean to read

So happy Christmas and merry new year. Pull your crackers in good cheer and we look forward to seeing you in the new-year.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

This is the year that our favourite Hair Giant Vidal Sassoon died aged 82. Interestingly it was also this year that I managed to wade through his autobiography, and in doing so learned a lot about his young life and his hairdressing experiences in the swinging sixties, when I was born.

Vidal definitely paved the way for a completely different experience for the client and the stylist  –  he brought performance into his work, and never ever compromised on concentration or time (of course, one paid enormous amounts for his attention and skill!) He also confessed he never indulged in any conversation while working on hairstyles with clients – preferring to use music and photography to inspire him. We also use these elements to try to find a balance in our salon.

People would try to talk to Vidal about themselves and their lives while he was cutting, but he would simply ask for them to relax but keep still, and he would not engage.  As a trainer in the salon I can understand this approach, but we are also trained in customer service.  Sometimes it is necessary to stop working and chat; to finish the chatting and then get back to the practicality of the colour work or the style. We have never shied away from discussing what the best solution might be for a colour  client, right out there in front of her on the shop floor if necessary. People instinctively know we are striving for the best as we don’t disappear into the staff room and go quiet.

However, creatively driven work – re-styling etc and making light conversation are not always compatible, and this kind of stop-start concentration and etiquette for clients in a salon just has to be learnt right from the beginning. The performance of our top and senior stylists builds a confidence and trust in customers and younger members of our team.

As well as the salon celebrating its fifth year this year, I had a birthday and turned 50! It is important for me to separate my life and my work. But also to acknowledge my passion for what I do. Vidal was absolutely passionate about his team, and he realised that without them he could never have achieved his fullest ambitions. I feel the same way, although my ambitions are so much more modest and more contextual.

So all in all thank you to Vidal Sassoon for all the lessons, which will continue with us.