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Christmas 2014So many of our clients come into salon at this time of year and share their plans for Christmas. Many of those plans are joyous, visitors coming from far away and family gatherings for meals and presents. Some of you are taking trips to sun-filled places for Christmas.

We also know that many of you find this time of year tricky. Family gatherings are not always easy – and they are often, even when enjoyable, hard work if you are the host! So with raised glasses to the hosts, the cooks, the carers and the constant shoppers we are focusing here on you! Here are a few wishes we have for you this Christmas:

 We wish you a good book in a comfortable chair.

 We wish you long hot baths on cold dark nights.

 We wish you one or two (boxes of) chocolates!

 We wish you a chance to catch-up with an old friend in person or on the phone.

 We wish you health, and your family too.

 We wish you happy times.

 We wish you evening films that make you laugh and cry.

 We wish you patience with family and visitors that outstay their welcome.

 We wish you pleasant memories of people who can’t be with you.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

From all the staff at Gill Goddard Hair x

Gill, Hanna, Fern, Leanne, Asia, and Demelza


ImageThis year saw the first well-being report for the UK. We see people in the salon at all points of their life. Often we are part of joyous occasions. We do lots of wedding styles, see lots of photos of new-born and growing children and help people look great for retirement parties. However, we know that life is a journey and can be tough in part.

Earlier in the year we talked about what made us happy. Christmas can be one of these joyous times. But it can also be challenging. And what makes one person happy is not always the answer for everyone. So we asked some of our clients their top tips to keep festive and well over Christmas and voted into a top-ten chart by us:

  1. Don’t be sad that you can’t see relatives who live far away – Skype them
  2. Don’t get stuck in front of the TV – take walks with friends
  3. Have time with your grandchildren but get them to bed on time for a little peace
  4. Cook – but make/let others help
  5. Visit neighbours and those that might appreciate your company
  6. Enjoy a great excuse for dressing-up and trying a new hair style
  7. Buy your Christmas meat, cheese and veg from local independent businesses
  8. Love giving the gifts as much as receiving
  9. Stack up the fruit bowl as well as the chocolate boxes
  10. Enjoy your favourite films and all those books you mean to read

So happy Christmas and merry new year. Pull your crackers in good cheer and we look forward to seeing you in the new-year.


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