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Anna started at Gill Goddard Hair last summer. She talks about the perfect day in the salon, why she is a people person and following the dream of her 10 year old self.

Anna at Gill Goddard Hair

I am really enjoying it at Gill Goddard Hair, I’ve definitely found my place in the salon. Plus I really like Totnes too – so I am happy here. Gill’s salon is a very friendly place to work; it has a really nice atmosphere. When you have the skills, you know the salon and you enjoy what you do and the people you work with, you can do it all – whatever our clients need to get them the style they want!

Why do I like cutting hair so much? You can be really creative with a cut. You can change the way someone looks. A young lady came in last week with hair down to her waist. She wanted it cut back up to her shoulders! She was so pleased with the cut – that is always a nice feeling, when someone really loves their cut. In fact, my idea of a perfect day at work would be for a client to say ‘do anything you want to my hair – just make it look good.’ I’d have all day to colour and cut and make it look amazing.

I’ve dreamt of working in a salon since I was 10 when me and my family were living in Barrow-in-Furness. (You can hear Barrow in my accent, and a bit of Shropshire as we moved there when I was 13.) I worked in a café in Shropshire, it was like being part of the family. I’ve been around customers with what my parents do all my life – they run a pub. So all in all, I would say I am a people person, with lots of practice in customer service!

Being with the other stylists in Gill’s salon is really positive. We help each other out and explain what we are doing. I think that it is important for the apprentices as well as the stylists that the salon is like that. We have all been an apprentice, and it can be hard work. You have to watch and be very willing to learn. Some people don’t give up when it gets hard. Being a stylist is great and I’m really pleased I followed my 10 year old dream!


If you would like to book an appointment with Anna, or other stylists at Gill Goddard Hair please call us on 01803 866101.

Fern Junior Stylist at Gill Goddard Hair

Fern Junior Stylist at Gill Goddard Hair

Fern is the lovely Junior stylist at Gill Goddard Hair. We popped out to the New Walk Brassiere to have a drink and a chat. Fern has a great laugh and is full of life. She has been dedicated to Gill Goddard Hair and clients throughout her studies and graduated earlier in the year as a stylist. (Congratulations to Fern!)

We talked about what she loves about working at Gill Goddard Hair. We also talked about textiles, Top Shop and letting her hair down. Apparently she would love to share her evening pizza with a man off TV called Dodger….

Why did you become a hair stylist?

I have always loved hairdressing. I really loved art at school, especially textiles, but I am a better hairdresser than I am artist! But I do think hair styling is creative, so I enjoy it a lot. If I wasn’t a stylist I would like to be a beautician or a designer.

You are wearing a great combat jacket. Is that from your favourite shop?

Yes! I love Top Shop. I don’t follow the big designers – out of my price range! But I do love nearly everything at Top Shop. Mostly you will see me in the salon in black. This top has got a back longer than the front, I really like that style.  Black for the winter – and because it goes with everything. Orange and coral for summer. Actually, I don’t wear a lot of coral but I like it on other people.

Tell us about working at Gill Goddard Hair?

I really like it at Gill’s. Everyone wants you to get on and be as good as you can be. Hairdressing can be very competitive, nasty even. But at our salon people support you and help you to be the best. Gill gives us lots of training, in salon and in training centres. Not many salon owners do as much as that to help their staff.

Gill Goddard Hair at Christmas

Gill Goddard Hair at Christmas

What is the highlight of the year for you in the salon?

I love Christmas. We are so busy. Lots of clients come in and tell us about their Christmas plans. I get lots of younger clients that tell me about their parties and where they are going that night. It is a lot of fun. And wearing the Christmas hats – I love that picture!

What do you do in the evening after a hard day’s work?

I like watching 90210, Hollyoaks, Made in Chelsea (they are so posh!) and The Only Way is Essex “Shut Up!” (Said with a very good Essex accent). I live with my mum so she cooks me dinner. I love Pizza.

If you could go out to dinner with anyone who would it be?

Dodger from Hollyoaks of course! (Ha ha). And we would eat Pizza!

If you could style anyone’s hair who would it be?

Someone young and famous. I would do Beyoncé – although I would be really scared! Or Rhianna.  I would be so nervous! I actually love styling long hair. You can straighten or curl it, there are so many possibilities. I think younger clients like to come to me because I understand how important it is to cut long hair just the right length. I know what it is like to be out in the evening and want your long hair to be, like, perfect.

To book an appointment with Fern for a cut and finish call us on 01803 866101.


Fern was talking to Anna

I get asked so often by clients – do I get the chance to relax in the chair and be pampered as someone cuts my hair?  I get my hair cut in the salon, of course, and I do enjoy it. But this makes me think: How do we all make sure we are looking after ourselves whilst we go about our busy lives? I am a stylist with lots of clients and business owner, with a family. It is life on-the-go. But I recognise that we all have our reasons for needing to stop and take care of ourselves.  So, here are some little reminders from my day in the salon on making the most of what makes us happy.

Taking a moment

I enjoy helping people feel great about themselves and their hair. It is what occupies my day. But know for my clients visiting Gill Goddard Hair it is just one appointment on their calendar – they have lots going on. When they come to the salon they are often coming in from the rain, busy lives, or out shopping. Then they stop, sit down and tell us all about their kids, their family, and their holidays. They reminisce. We get to hear highlights, which is lovely. And some sad stuff too. It is real life after all. So being with us in the salon is taking a moment out of a busy life.

Being with the right people

All the girls in the salon are so vibrant and dedicated – which makes me very lucky. I know that the clients enjoy this too. Plus, being with clients I hear a lot about peoples weekends and time with their friends and family. It always strikes me that time well spent with good people is vital to being happy.

Enjoy relaxing

When we ask people if they want a tea or coffee while they are in the salon we are not just being polite. We are offering them the chance to relax. And enjoy ‘me’ time. At the moment I enjoy a refreshing cup of peppermint tea whilst I have my hair done but I know that Hanna prefers a Cappuccino. We cater for all South Devon tastes!


Having pride

Being a stylist is creative. As a business owner I have a role in educating the next generation in how to take pride in their work. Bringing along talented young hairdressers like Ashlee is a pleasure. What we all do at Gill Goddard Hair is help our clients have pride in the way they look and feel. So all round, there is something hugely positive about being proud of oneself and others.

I want clients to leave the salon feeling good about themselves in as many ways as possible. Their hair is one part of that. But just as important to me is the reminder that our salon offers a little space for pampering busy people, right in the heart of a busy Totnes. We want to give clients a chance to have a cup of coffee, a chat and the hairstyle that makes them feel proud all the way until they visit us again…