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DSC_0818 (3)Gill Goddard Hair is 8 years old this week! Time for the wonderful staff team here to sit down and reminisce. Put down our scissors, colour aprons, plastic gloves and stylers for some well deserved  cake and balloons. Each one of us has lots to celebrate about our industry, and in our personal and professional lives. And we are highly motivated, trained and loving our job with you, our customers.

Very recently, we celebrated our junior stylist Asia passing her driving test, Fern and Asia’s promotion, Demelza passing her perm practical at college really early in her training and Hanna going off to Amsterdam on a Keune training and product knowledge weekend.

Quite apart from two of our senior staff getting married in the last two years and then Paul and myself becoming grandparents, we both travelled to India, America and the Carribean, for family weddings and holidays. Travelling is great, it is necessary when you think about people you love who live so far away and want you with them. But on coming back to Totnes and to our strong team in the Salon I am a very proud Salon Director this year.

IMAG0430We are so excited to reveal here that Fern will be training in Milton Keynes for HD Brows soon!  Eyebrow shaping is really big business, and we are planning to offer the best possible Brow services to our customers here in Totnes  – HD Brows will be coming to our salon from August this year.

We would also like to thank South Devon College staff for their time, patience and in house training! Especially to Lucy Wallace who has helped us to receive awards from government for first class Training Apprenticeships.

On this blog thought we would take a little trip down memory lane from the outside of the salon Recently we found some old pictures from those first days. Sometimes you forget how far you have come in the day to day of running a salon. How many of you remember the bookshop and the first Gill Goddard Hair shop front? And how many remember the competition for our first logo for GGH that we set up at Kevvic sixth form college, which you can see installed in our second pic?

photo 1photo 4IMG_0046GIll shopfront -3Things have moved on considerably outside through to the beautiful watercolour images and logo John Baxter designed especially for us recently. A real celebration of  collaborative creativity we think we bring to our work.

Before we blow out the candles on our celebration cake today I’d like to say a big thank you to all our loyal customers. We love hearing about your celebrations too.  Many of you have been within us for years, which is what we are all about. When you recommend us we receive new customers each month, along with new customers who move nearby or maybe walk past us on The Plains and pop in. Great to see new faces.

A great big ‘thank you’, to our staff team at Gill Goddard Hair who keep us all so well looked after day in day out, every year… x Happy Birthday!



Back of the head April 15I wish more of our popular hairstyle magazines would highlight the back and nape views of their styles. It would be really useful to have a section on short hair photographed from the back.

We often find that customers choose or get distracted by the colour and texture of the hair in the photograph rather than the style they show us; and often can’t visualise the shape of a haircut at the back and nape of the neck. Customers ask:

Is it too short…or too long…will it suit me?

Looking at a photograph of a face often gives us an idea of the back of the haircut. But we are improvising when the back is hidden, according to the clients’ hair type, and the shape we are wanting to achieve.

When we do a consultation with clients we talk through how a style will work given all these factors. Of course at the end of the appointment, when the new style is complete everyone can see the result – including at the back. This is the moment we would love magazines to capture – seeing the back of your head beautifully styled, as well as the front!

Christmas 2014So many of our clients come into salon at this time of year and share their plans for Christmas. Many of those plans are joyous, visitors coming from far away and family gatherings for meals and presents. Some of you are taking trips to sun-filled places for Christmas.

We also know that many of you find this time of year tricky. Family gatherings are not always easy – and they are often, even when enjoyable, hard work if you are the host! So with raised glasses to the hosts, the cooks, the carers and the constant shoppers we are focusing here on you! Here are a few wishes we have for you this Christmas:

 We wish you a good book in a comfortable chair.

 We wish you long hot baths on cold dark nights.

 We wish you one or two (boxes of) chocolates!

 We wish you a chance to catch-up with an old friend in person or on the phone.

 We wish you health, and your family too.

 We wish you happy times.

 We wish you evening films that make you laugh and cry.

 We wish you patience with family and visitors that outstay their welcome.

 We wish you pleasant memories of people who can’t be with you.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

From all the staff at Gill Goddard Hair x

Gill, Hanna, Fern, Leanne, Asia, and Demelza

I get asked so often by clients – do I get the chance to relax in the chair and be pampered as someone cuts my hair?  I get my hair cut in the salon, of course, and I do enjoy it. But this makes me think: How do we all make sure we are looking after ourselves whilst we go about our busy lives? I am a stylist with lots of clients and business owner, with a family. It is life on-the-go. But I recognise that we all have our reasons for needing to stop and take care of ourselves.  So, here are some little reminders from my day in the salon on making the most of what makes us happy.

Taking a moment

I enjoy helping people feel great about themselves and their hair. It is what occupies my day. But know for my clients visiting Gill Goddard Hair it is just one appointment on their calendar – they have lots going on. When they come to the salon they are often coming in from the rain, busy lives, or out shopping. Then they stop, sit down and tell us all about their kids, their family, and their holidays. They reminisce. We get to hear highlights, which is lovely. And some sad stuff too. It is real life after all. So being with us in the salon is taking a moment out of a busy life.

Being with the right people

All the girls in the salon are so vibrant and dedicated – which makes me very lucky. I know that the clients enjoy this too. Plus, being with clients I hear a lot about peoples weekends and time with their friends and family. It always strikes me that time well spent with good people is vital to being happy.

Enjoy relaxing

When we ask people if they want a tea or coffee while they are in the salon we are not just being polite. We are offering them the chance to relax. And enjoy ‘me’ time. At the moment I enjoy a refreshing cup of peppermint tea whilst I have my hair done but I know that Hanna prefers a Cappuccino. We cater for all South Devon tastes!


Having pride

Being a stylist is creative. As a business owner I have a role in educating the next generation in how to take pride in their work. Bringing along talented young hairdressers like Ashlee is a pleasure. What we all do at Gill Goddard Hair is help our clients have pride in the way they look and feel. So all round, there is something hugely positive about being proud of oneself and others.

I want clients to leave the salon feeling good about themselves in as many ways as possible. Their hair is one part of that. But just as important to me is the reminder that our salon offers a little space for pampering busy people, right in the heart of a busy Totnes. We want to give clients a chance to have a cup of coffee, a chat and the hairstyle that makes them feel proud all the way until they visit us again…