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Charlotte 11-4-18I’ve been at Gill Goddard Hair since last summer, as an apprentice. I started my training when I was a teenager but for one reason and another I wasn’t able to finish at the time. So it is really positive to be back on the programme at South Devon College and at Gill’s.

In the future I would like to open my own very boutique salon. This has been my dream since I was 18 years old. It will be a Marilyn themed small salon – with all the character of the wonderful Miss Monroe herself. And whilst clearly she was not perfect (who is?), her image is so glamourous. I love her wiggle – that tasselled dress!

We do all sorts of things as part of our apprenticeship. My perfect day training was last week when I did a men’s cut, child cut and a tent. I love doing hair-ups too. Really anything creative interests me in salon.

I’m really excited by some of the new colour treatments Hanna and Gill are planning. The Lipstick Blow Dry will be great for people who want that temporary tint or gloss for a week – perfect for a party. Having a rose tint on blond hair is really ‘in’ at the moment. So fresh.

I live with my partner. He is my best friend and we fit together – we are yin and yang. We love spending time outdoors – biking, and in the summer fishing. My stepson, who is nine, loves fishing when he is down too. He lives in Liverpool and I really like to see him as often as I can.

The summer is coming and lots of friends will be down for a visit too. I’ve always lived in Torquay. I love it here, especially when the sun comes out and you feel like you are on holiday sitting out in the garden! And when it starts to rain of course I can always snuggle up on the sofa for another viewing of ‘Some Like It Hot’ – even if it is the 100th time I have seen it. Somethings are just timeless!

Charlotte is currently looking for models as part of her training programme. Contact Gill Goddard Hair for more info 01803 866101.


Anna started at Gill Goddard Hair last summer. She talks about the perfect day in the salon, why she is a people person and following the dream of her 10 year old self.

Anna at Gill Goddard Hair

I am really enjoying it at Gill Goddard Hair, I’ve definitely found my place in the salon. Plus I really like Totnes too – so I am happy here. Gill’s salon is a very friendly place to work; it has a really nice atmosphere. When you have the skills, you know the salon and you enjoy what you do and the people you work with, you can do it all – whatever our clients need to get them the style they want!

Why do I like cutting hair so much? You can be really creative with a cut. You can change the way someone looks. A young lady came in last week with hair down to her waist. She wanted it cut back up to her shoulders! She was so pleased with the cut – that is always a nice feeling, when someone really loves their cut. In fact, my idea of a perfect day at work would be for a client to say ‘do anything you want to my hair – just make it look good.’ I’d have all day to colour and cut and make it look amazing.

I’ve dreamt of working in a salon since I was 10 when me and my family were living in Barrow-in-Furness. (You can hear Barrow in my accent, and a bit of Shropshire as we moved there when I was 13.) I worked in a café in Shropshire, it was like being part of the family. I’ve been around customers with what my parents do all my life – they run a pub. So all in all, I would say I am a people person, with lots of practice in customer service!

Being with the other stylists in Gill’s salon is really positive. We help each other out and explain what we are doing. I think that it is important for the apprentices as well as the stylists that the salon is like that. We have all been an apprentice, and it can be hard work. You have to watch and be very willing to learn. Some people don’t give up when it gets hard. Being a stylist is great and I’m really pleased I followed my 10 year old dream!


If you would like to book an appointment with Anna, or other stylists at Gill Goddard Hair please call us on 01803 866101.

img_0362Fern has been cutting my hair since she started at the salon over 5 years ago. She is a great stylist and has abundant energy. I was pleased to hear that she was developing her skills yet further with High Definition (HD) – one of the most respected beauty training schools in the UK.

Having been doing HD brows at Gill Goddard Hair for several months now I thought it was time to sample some of her new skills. Of course, she applies herself to this with the same balance of professionalism and care that I know from Fern as a stylist. For me, first time in the chair for eyebrows – this was critical. I’ll be honest I had absolutely no idea what care and attention is needed by someone like Fern to manage those arches above my eyes.

Fern told me that the best results were to be had from a series of appointments but that I would likely see a striking difference even after the first. She was right! First, she tinted the eyebrows. Then, with swiftness, she waxed. Whilst waxing is no ones, favourite I can confirm she did this really efficiently and moved swiftly on to threading. Which was mesmeric and effective at thinning bushy bits! Once she had brows that were in better shape, she applied the make-up and finishing plucks for those stray hairs.

Overall, about 45 minutes to get real shape to your brows – High Definition comes highly recommended with Fern.

IMG_3337This is the fourth in our series talking to stylists at Gill Goddard Hair about their hair. Sarah has been in the salon just a few months and talks here about childhood pranks, life in Spain and how much she enjoys styling as a profession.

When I was really little my mum would get my hair cut quite simply as a bob and fringe. Behind that fringe I was a pickle. I remember sneaking our mums straighteners out her bedroom. My sister and I played hairdresser with our Barbies. Mine always ended up with stubby hair because I was always washing and cutting. I would use my mum’s straighteners on the Barbie hair. It is plastic so it would stick to the tongs!

I was spoilt and when I misbehaved I blamed it on my sister. What is more, my mum believed me! To this day I can confess something I did back then, and my mum is still shocked that I was the bad one most times.

IMG_3326When I was a bit older my mum let me choose my hair style. I remember a woman coming to do our hair. She was a mobile hairdresser and lots of fun. With my mum and us kids she was at the house for most of the day cutting our hair. So once I had moved on from the bob and fringe I tried more experimental hair. Once I had a pixie cut like Vitoria Beckham. I loved the Spice Girls and I think I thought I looked really cool. Looking back I am not sure I did.

IMG_3336Since then I have never really been patient with long hair. In the past, I have often grown it out and then chopped it off again in a short style. Perhaps this reflects how I was as a stubborn teenager. Although saying that,  when I was 11 years old we moved to Spain. I did find it hard to get used to life there without knowing the language. Also, I had fair hair and blue eyes whilst all my new friends had dark hair and eyes. So I felt a bit out of place. It was better once I learnt Spanish.

I’d known for a while that I wanted to be a hairdresser. I didn’t really rate the hairdressers in Spain. So when I was 15 I moved back to England and lived with other members of my family and then trained in hair and beauty. I went to South Devon College. I really liked the way the college ran. It was like a salon, very professional. Less like you are training for just a job, and much more a profession.

FullSizeRenderAnd now? I love working at Gill Goddard Hair. I love being part of a team. I am not really someone who enjoys working on their own as much as in a group. Everyone has been really supportive. I am really enjoying colouring and now am also doing treatments. My favourite thing is to cut bobs. And if I could cut anyone’s hair, anyone at all, it would be Jennifer Aniston. I don’t think she is a customer, ha ha, but I am sure we would have a good chat if she came in!

To book an appointment with Sarah call 01803 866101

This is the year that our favourite Hair Giant Vidal Sassoon died aged 82. Interestingly it was also this year that I managed to wade through his autobiography, and in doing so learned a lot about his young life and his hairdressing experiences in the swinging sixties, when I was born.

Vidal definitely paved the way for a completely different experience for the client and the stylist  –  he brought performance into his work, and never ever compromised on concentration or time (of course, one paid enormous amounts for his attention and skill!) He also confessed he never indulged in any conversation while working on hairstyles with clients – preferring to use music and photography to inspire him. We also use these elements to try to find a balance in our salon.

People would try to talk to Vidal about themselves and their lives while he was cutting, but he would simply ask for them to relax but keep still, and he would not engage.  As a trainer in the salon I can understand this approach, but we are also trained in customer service.  Sometimes it is necessary to stop working and chat; to finish the chatting and then get back to the practicality of the colour work or the style. We have never shied away from discussing what the best solution might be for a colour  client, right out there in front of her on the shop floor if necessary. People instinctively know we are striving for the best as we don’t disappear into the staff room and go quiet.

However, creatively driven work – re-styling etc and making light conversation are not always compatible, and this kind of stop-start concentration and etiquette for clients in a salon just has to be learnt right from the beginning. The performance of our top and senior stylists builds a confidence and trust in customers and younger members of our team.

As well as the salon celebrating its fifth year this year, I had a birthday and turned 50! It is important for me to separate my life and my work. But also to acknowledge my passion for what I do. Vidal was absolutely passionate about his team, and he realised that without them he could never have achieved his fullest ambitions. I feel the same way, although my ambitions are so much more modest and more contextual.

So all in all thank you to Vidal Sassoon for all the lessons, which will continue with us.